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Bettering aquaculture is a team effort.

If you stand on the edge of today and look towards the future of food production, it’s all-about aquaculture.  No other food system has the power to provide the protein, the prosperity and the predictability as aquaculture can!

However, right now, aquaculture faces challenges.  And, they’re crucial ones, too.

The challenges that face aquaculture are unique: sustainability of feed resources, profitability for the feed manufacturers, efficiency for the aquaculture producers, traceability for the health of consumers…and common to all these challenges is the health of the fish; is what we’re feeding them good?!

Prairie AquaTech meets aquaculture’s challenges by manufacturing feed ingredients based on plant-based protein.  Prairie AquaTech’s flagship product—ME-PRO®  protein ingredient—is a perfect example.   But how Prairie AquaTech has been able to do what it does is a testimony to the company’s slogan, “Together!”

Prairie AquaTech is a company of extraordinary individuals, partnerships and associations that enable it to work locally but fulfill globally.  Additionally, Prairie AquaTech works closely with aquafeed manufacturers and farmers to ensure a customer-first attitude is preserved.

Prairie AquaTech – Together, but two parts!

Prairie AquaTech operates two important divisions.  The first, the “AgTech Center,” is focused on research, testing and trialing new plant-based technologies. To accomplish this crucial focus, the facility is engineered to be one of the world’s most complete and adaptable aquaculture technology facilities, featuring:

– Fermentation (Reactor) units for protein production

– Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for multi-species testing

– Feed mill capabilities for testing feed formulation and production

– Bagging and Palletizing equipment

– 700sq. foot laboratory and trained technicians

ME-PRO®, was refined and tested AgTech Center.  ME-PRO is a plant-based protein ingredient that reduces aquaculture’s reliance on dwindling supplies of fish meal.  Using the AgTech Center,  ME-PRO was scale-tested from small, 5-liter batches to being able to fulfill 5-ton feed trials!  Utilizing the AgTech Center’s RAS system, ME-PRO protein was also studied on various fish species to check for digestibility and growth stage performance.

For more information on ME-PRO go to the website!

However, it’s the second division, the large-scale Manufacturing Plant, that sets Prairie AquaTech apart as a provider of aquafeed ingredients.  Though currently under construction (online second quarter, 2019!) the 45,000 sq. ft. processing plant will be able to provide over 30,000 tons of plant-based protein per year.  (click here for the latest drone footage of construction!)

The growth and scope of Prairie AquaTech’s work is proof of the passion, commitment and hard work of many, many people.  Yet, it’s the focus on the good aquaculture industry that completes the company’s simple slogan that also serves as the company’s mantra for success:  Together.

Prairie AquaTech – Together!™

For Prairie AquaTech’s current capabilities, click here.  For the ME-PRO brochure, click here

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